# Accelerometer

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An acceleration sensor measures the acceleration applied to the device, including the force of gravity

# Installing

    ns plugin add @triniwiz/nativescript-accelerometer


# startAccelerometerUpdates(...)

startAccelerometerUpdates(callback: (data: AccelerometerData) => void, options?: AccelerometerOptions): void;

Starts listening for accelerometer updates.

Param Type
data AccelerometerData

# stopAccelerometerUpdates()

stopAccelerometerUpdates(): void;

Stops listening for accelerometer updates.

# isListening()

isListening(): boolean;

Gets info about the current state of listening for accelerometer updates. Returns: boolean

# Interfaces

# AccelerometerData

Prop Type
x number
y number
z number

# AccelerometerOptions

Prop Type
sensorDelay number

# Enums

# SensorDelay

Members Value Description
Normal "normal" rate (default) suitable for screen orientation changes
Game "game" rate suitable for games
UI "ui" rate suitable for the user interface
Fastest "fastest" get sensor data as fast as possible
Last Updated: 12/5/2020, 11:42:29 PM