# ToolTip

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# Installing

    ns plugin add @triniwiz/nativescript-tooltip

# QuickStart

# JavaScript

var tt = require('@triniwiz/nativescript-tooltip');

var options = {
	position: 'bottom',
	text: 'Hello 👋',
	backgroundColor: 'orange',
	textColor: 'blue',

var tooltip = new tt.ToolTip(viewToAnchor, options);


# TypeScript

import { ToolTip, ToolTipConfig } from '@triniwiz/nativescript-tooltip';

const options: ToolTipConfig = {
	position: 'bottom',
	text: 'Hello 👋',
	backgroundColor: 'orange',
	textColor: 'blue',
const tooltip = new ToolTip(viewToAnchor, options);



# ToolTip(...)

new ToolTip(...);

Creates new ToolTip

Param Type Note
view View The view to anchor to
config ToolTipConfig

Returns: ToolTip

# show()

 show(): void;

Shows the ToolTip

# hide()

 shide(): void;

Hides the ToolTip

# Interfaces

# ToolTipConfig

Prop Type Notes
showArrow? boolean Show or Hide arrow
position? ToolTipPosition Set position of the tooltip bubble
text string Text to display
textSize? number Size of the text to be dislayed
duration? number Time to auto hide the tooltip
width? Size of tooltip
backgroundColor? string
textColor? string
dismissOnTapOutside? boolean
dismissOnTap? boolean
padding? number
arrowSize? number
radius? number
onShow? Function Called when the tooltip appears
onClick? Function Called when the tooltip is tapped
onDimiss? Function Called when the tooltip is hidden

# Types

# ToolTipPosition

"left" | "up" | "right" | "down";

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