# Stripe

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# Installing

    ns plugin add @triniwiz/nativescript-stripe

# Android


The minimum required SDK is version 21 (Lollipop 🍭)

# iOS


The minimum required platform version is 11

# Angular

import { CreditCardViewModule } from "@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe/angular";
  imports: [
export class AppModule { }

# Vue

import Vue from 'nativescript-vue';
import CreditCardView from '@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe/vue';


# React

import { creditCardView } from '@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe/react';
return <creditCardView />;

# Svelte

import '@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe/svelte';

# Usage

IMPORTANT: Make sure you include xmlns:stripe="@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe" on the Page tag

# Using from view

<stripe:CreditCardView id="card"/>

# Add extra details to card


const ccView = page.getViewById('card');
const cc = ccView.cardParams;
cc.name = 'Osei Fortune';


import { CreditCardView, CardParams } from '@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe';
const ccView: CreditCardView = page.getViewById('card');
const cc: CardParams = ccView.cardParams;
cc.name = 'Osei Fortune';

# Using from code

import { CardParams } from '@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe';
const cc = new CardParams('4242424242424242', 2, 18, '123');
cc.name = 'Osei Fortune';

# Standard Integration

The demo and demo-angular folders contain demos that use the Standard Integration. They can be used as a starting point, and provide information on how to invoke the Standard Integration components. For more information, see the README in the demo folders.

Set Stripe configuration values:

StripeStandardConfig.shared.backendAPI = <Your API Service>;
StripeStandardConfig.shared.publishableKey = <Your Stripe Key>;
StripeStandardConfig.shared.companyName = <Your Company Name>;
// To support Apple Pay, set appleMerchantID.
StripeStandardConfig.shared.appleMerchantID = <Your Apple Merchant ID>;

// To enable card scanning(beta) on iOS
StripeStandardConfig.shared.enableCardScanning = true;

Note for iOS using enableCardScanning

If the user rejects permissions from the iOS popup, the app is not allowed to ask again. You can instruct the user to go to app settings and enable the camera permission manually from there. Additionally, App Store Guideline 5.1.1 (opens new window) requires apps to clarify the usage of the camera and photo library. To do so, edit your app/App_Resources/iOS/Info.plist and add the following clarification

<string>enter your camera permission request text here</string>

Create a Customer Session

let customerSession = new StripeStandardCustomerSession();

Create a Payment Session

let paymentSession = new StripeStandardPaymentSession(page, customerSession, price, 'usd', listener);

See [Stripe Docs](httpsope will require Strong Customer Authentication (opens new window) for more information.

# Strong Customer Authentication

PSD2 regulations in Eurication) for some credit card purchases. Stripe supports this, though most of the work to make it happen is required on the backend server and in the mobile app, outside the @triniwiz/nativescript-stripe plugin.

To support SCA, follow the instructions for iOS (opens new window) and Android (opens new window) on using PaymentIntents instead of tokens when interacting with your backend server. The @triniwiz/nativescript-stripe plugin has cross-platform data structures and method calls that might be helpful. In index.d.ts see:

  • PaymentMethod and related classes
  • StripePaymentIntent and related classes
  • Methods Stripe.createPaymentMethod, Stripe.retrievePaymentIntent, Stripe.confirmPaymentIntent and Stripe.confirmSetupIntent

# Handling secondary customer input

SCA requires the customer to enter additional information with some charge cards. Stripe takes care of this if you properly handle the redirect from the StripePaymentIntent returned from the server.

If you're using the automatic confirmation flow (opens new window), confirmPaymentIntent and confirmSetupIntent will automatically manage the SCA validation by showing and validating the payment authentification.

If you're using the manual confirmation flow (opens new window), where back-end creates the PaymentIntent|SetupIntent and requires an Intent authentification from the customer, authenticatePaymentIntent and authenticateSetupIntent will allow to manage that extra step before sending back the Intent to your server.

# Status

demo-angular now supports SetupIntent and PaymentIntent SCA integration. Any credit card verification will be automatically prompted to the user.

# ThreeDS


The application delegate needs to be overriden to handle the new events

import { handleContinueUserActivity, handleOpenURL } from '@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe';
if (global.isIOS) {
	class UIApplicationDelegateImpl extends UIResponder implements UIApplicationDelegate {
		applicationContinueUserActivityRestorationHandler(application: UIApplication, userActivity: NSUserActivity, restorationHandler: (p1: NSArray<UIUserActivityRestoring>) => void): boolean {
			return handleContinueUserActivity(userActivity);
		applicationOpenURLOptions(app: UIApplication, url: NSURL, options: NSDictionary<string, any>): boolean {
			return handleOpenURL(url);

	Application.ios.delegate = UIApplicationDelegateImpl;

# Initialize

import { StripeThreeDSUICustomization } from '@triniwiz/nativescript-stripe';


# Known Issues

# const enum not found

When building with NativeScript v6+, it builds using the webpack-only flow in "transpileOnly" mode. A webpack issue (opens new window) means that const enum values cannot be found in the final output.

This problem is not present in Angular projects and likely won't be an issue if you do not use any of the exported enums.

Unfortunately, the only fix I've found for this is to follow the advice in that issue and modify webpack.config.js in your app to set transpileOnly to false.

Note: This may no longer be needed once this TypeScript bug (opens new window) is fixed.



  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay (supported by Standard Integration, not by Custom Integration)
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